**Read all of the description to understand the video.

When I state this is a satanic message I am not putting down anyone with satanic belief. In my belief (I don’t know about yours) I believe that she is satanic, or these messages are placed into the songs without her knowing. I am not putting her down in anyway. Think about it, Lady Gaga would love this because it’s like her videos shocking or can cause an uproar. She likes to stir things up. My videos are informational and my opinion and everyone can have there own opinion. I won’t try to change your opinion but I will tell you mine and you can tell me yours. I’m open to comments or suggestions. Everyone have a great day!

*****Please use high quality speakers or headphones if you are able. You can’t hear much of the message with laptop speakers or cheap computer speakers (At least I can’t). I take hours to make these videos. I listen to the song over one hundred times backwards to decipher the message. Be open minded when you view my video, other wise you will consciously try to not hear anything.
****It is way easier to hear when slowed and I will post a slowed version soon. You have to really concentrate to hear the message because this song has so many vocals going on at one time and so much layering.


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