Subliminal Messages in Toy Story 3

Does Toy Story 3 (a kid’s movie) have subliminal messages? Why did they make Toy Story 3? Was it just for entertainment? What is it trying to tell us? How are these messages relate to our own world? What are the implications for us?


Sounds Heard Around The World

19 Jan 2012
Here is a clip from a Youtuber. He has gathered videos from all over the world that display what can only be described as bizarre sounds. There are a variety of loud, sustained, tones that are captured in a variety of locations. As a musician it sounds like someone playing notes on a synthesizer, and running that through a series of very large amplifiers. It is certainly a possibility that it is what we are hearing. Are these sounds a coordinated global prank? Are they the groanings of the earth itself, and is somehow related to the seismic and volcanic activity that have been increasing in the last few years? Are they portals or gateways that are opening up in what I would consider these last days? Could it be that we are hearing the sounds of the abyss being opened.
I find it interesting what some people say in the comment section of the YOUTUBE piece. You would think that people’s curiosity would at least be piqued. We have Darwinism to thank for the denial of the supernatural and the skeptical western mind that tells us there is only the empirical, what we can see, hear, taste, feel and reproduce in a laboratory. Yet, many of us look at these strange noises through a supernatural filter and wonder if what we are hearing is not of this earth.
We are told that in the last days there would be signs in the heavens and earth. Are these strange sounds that are appearing globally a fulfillment of this prophecy? Is the veil that separated this dimension from the supernatural thinning? Are these the sounds of an invisible war that we can’t see at the moment?

In closing today’s post: I don’t have any idea of what these noises are. I do, however, find them disturbing, if they are real and not generated by a musician with a synthesizer. These strange sounds may be another “fingerprint of the supernatural,” or they may have a perfectly natural explanation to what is causing them.