SEE IT! Mysterious Spinning Black Ring Appears In Skies Over England, Baffles Experts (VIDEO)

Leamington Spa, England: Weather experts have been baffled by a black ring which appeared in the sky above Leamington Spa on Friday evening. Schoolgirl Georgina Heap was playing tennis with her mother Jo Heap when she looked up at the sky near Warwick castle and saw a mysterious black ring.


The ring remained in the sky for around three minutes before disappearing completely. The circle resembles a giant smoke ring but Warwickshire Fire and Rescue service said that there had been no reports of fire at the time of the sighting. The Met Office said that the ring did not appear to be weather-related.

Nick Pope, an expert on UFOs and a previous government adviser on unexplained phenomena, said he believed the circle to be ‘organic’. He said: ‘It’s a truly bizarre image. It looks like a smoke ring, but I can’t see where it could have come from.

‘Other alternatives would include some sort of unusual meteorological phenomenon. ’One other possibility is that the shape is made up of millions of bees or other insects, but I’ve never heard of insects behaving in this way before, so if this is the explanation, it’s a real-life X-File.’ source – Daily Mail UK


Scientists Have Now Successfully Merged Digital Data With Human DNA

Scientists have stored audio and text on fragments of DNA and then retrieved them with near-perfect fidelity—a technique that eventually may provide a way to handle the overwhelming data of the digital age.


Scientists have used DNA stored audio and text on fragments of DNA and then retrieved them with near-perfect fidelity-a technique that may provide a way to handle data in the digital age.

The scientists encoded in DNA—the recipe of life—an audio clip of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, a photograph, a copy of Francis Crick and James Watson’s famous “double helix” scientific paper on DNA from 1953 and Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. They later were able to retrieve them with 99.99% accuracy.

The experiment was reported Wednesday in the journal Nature.

“All we’re doing is adapting what nature has hit upon—a very good way of storing information,” said Nick Goldman, a computational biologist at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Hinxton, England, and lead author of the Nature paper.

Companies, governments and universities face an enormous challenge storing the ever-growing flood of digitized information, the videos, books, movies and songs sent over the Internet.

Some experts have looked for answers in biology. In recent years, they have found ways to encode trademarks in cells and poetry in bacteria, as well as store snippets of music in the genetic code of micro-organisms. But these biological things eventually die.

By contrast, DNA—the molecule that contains the genetic instructions for all living things—is stable, durable and dense. Because DNA isn’t alive, it could sit passively in a storage device for thousands of years.

Among today’s data-storage devices, magnetic tapes can degrade within a decade, while hard disks are expensive and need a constant supply of electricity to hold their information, creating huge need for power for the “data farms” behind cloud computing.

In their experiment, Dr. Goldman and his colleagues first downloaded onto a computer a 26-second clip of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the sonnets and the other things to be stored. The data was in normal computer code—a long string of ones and zeros.

DNA could hold vastly more information than the same surface volume of a disk drive—a cup of DNA theoretically could store about 100 million hours of high-definition video. While DNA-based storage remains a long way from being commercially viable—high cost is one major hurdle—the scientific barriers are starting to fall.

Last August, researchers at Harvard University reported in the journal Science the encoding of an entire 54,000-word book in strands of DNA.

“The experiments are very similar,” said George Church, a molecular geneticist at Harvard and senior researcher for the project reported in Science. “Because these are truly independent efforts, we’ve shown there’s a real field here rather than just one group.”

Both experiments encoded similar amounts of information and had roughly similar accuracy rates, according to Dr. Church.

The European Bioinformatics Institute is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Europe’s flagship life-sciences lab. The EMBL is funded by public research money from 20 European member states. source – WSJ

Preliminary data suggests earthquakes are indeed increasing worldwide

(Matthew 24:7) “For Nation will rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom. And there will be Famines, Pestilences, and EARTHQUAKES in various places.”

In recent weeks, worldwide earthquake data indicates an increase in the magnitude and a significant increase in the frequency (magnitude 5.5+) of earthquakes. Current graphs clearly show an alarming worldwide trend of increasing earthquake strength and frequency. These results are in agreement with the USGS statistics page, which shows an increase in the frequency of stronger earthquakes (M 5.0+). These trends also show that the depth of earthquakes has diminished, they occur closer to the Earth’s surface. Shallow earthquakes occur along fault lines and are due to the accumulation of stress. Earthquake waves can also propagate far enough to trigger other earthquakes; this may explain the noted increase in earthquakes. Certain scientists have stated that the increased frequency of earthquakes is due to the increased number of detection instruments installed worldwide. This would cause more sensitive earthquakes to be measured. However, these graphs show an increase in stronger earthquakes; it is also important to note that the earthquake Richter scale is base-10 logarithmic. The fact that the world’s population has increased doesn’t help, more people are affected by these events. There is increased media availability and attention. However, due to recent events, it is now easy to convince even the average person, that there are more and more strong earthquakes occurring worldwide. –Guardianlv (excerpt)

Largest increase in 62 years: According to the Costa Rican Volcanology and Seismology Observatory (OVSICORI), after the magnitude 7.6 earthquake which occurred on September 5th, 2012, the country registered the highest level of earthquake activity it has seen in 62 years. The strongest earthquakes in Costa Rican history occurred in 1950 in Nicoya, with a 7.8 magnitude quake, followed by the 2012 earthquake that occurred in the same area, of a 7.6 magnitude. After the September 5th earthquake, OVSICORI reported 75 earthquakes that were felt by residents during the 4 months after the main event. 2010 saw a total of 6,245 earthquakes, in 2011 there were 5,483, and in 2012 the total was 11,049. –Inside Costa Rica
Japan shaking more: Japan had experienced a little over 3,000 noticeable earthquakes in 2012, nearly 60 percent of them aftershocks from last year’s massive tremor that devastated the country’s northeast, Japanese media reported on Monday. Quoting the Japan Meteorological Agency, the NHK broadcaster reported that a total of 3,134 quakes had been felt across Japan until Sunday (December 30) which is about 1,000 more than the annual average from 2001 to 2010. An analysis of seismic waves indicates that there were more than 10,000 noticeable quakes in 2011. While the number of quakes decreased from that of last year, seismologists continue to monitor frequent seismic activity. They urged people to be on the alert for possible strong quakes with a magnitude of at least 7 or those triggering tsunami. The March 11, 2011 quake and the tsunami it triggered had left more than 15,000 people dead or missing besides wreaking havoc in Japan’s northeast, including the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that leaked radiation forcing the evacuation of more than 160,000 residents. –RTT


The U.S. Geological Survey says a large Earthquake has struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California and Mexico today.The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4, was recorded at 2:36 a.m. (1036 GMT) Friday, 163 miles (262 kilometers) south southwest of the California city of Avalon and 167 miles west southwest of Rosarito, Mexico.It was at the relatively shallow depth of 6.3 miles (10.1 kilometers). No tsunami warning has been issued.

(Matthew 24:7) “For Nation will rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom. And there will be Famines, Pestilences, and EARTHQUAKES in various places.”

Scientists find dome of ‘violent’ submarine volcano off the coast of Baja, California

Scientists have discovered one of the world’s weirdest volcanoes on the seafloor near the tip of Baja, Mexico. The petite dome about 165 feet tall (50 meters) and 4,000 feet long by 1,640 feet wide (1,200 m by 500 m) lies along the Alarcón Rise, a seafloor-spreading center. Tectonic forces are tearing the Earth’s crust apart at the spreading center, creating a long rift where magma oozes toward the surface, cools and forms new ocean crust. Circling the planet like baseball seams, seafloor-spreading centers (also called mid-ocean ridges) produce copious amounts of basalt, a low-silica content lava rock that makes up the ocean crust. But samples from the newly discovered volcano are strangely rhyolite lava, and have the highest silica content (up to 77 percent) of any rocks collected from a mid-ocean ridge, said Brian Dreyer, a geochemist at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The results were presented last week at the annu

al meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Researchers with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) discovered the volcano this spring, during a three-month expedition to the Gulf of California, the warm stretch of water that separates Baja from mainland Mexico. A remote-control vehicle explored the volcano, which is 7,800 feet (2,375 m) below the surface, and brought samples back to the ship. “When we picked up the rocks and got them back on the ship, we immediately noticed that they were very low density, and they were very light, glassy and gray. They were not the usual dark, black, shiny basalts,” Dreyer told OurAmazingPlanet. “So we immediately knew that something was unusual.” The volcano is primarily rhyolite and a silicic lava called dacite, said MBARI geologist Jennifer Paduan.“To find this along a mid-ocean ridge is a total surprise,” she told OurAmazingPlanet.

Boulders and blocks the size of cars and small houses littered the steep slopes of the dome, the robot’s video camera showed. Of more concern is the evidence for explosive volcanism, which is typical of rhyolite volcanoes, Paduan said. “It’s only 100 kilometers [60 miles] from land. When the sun is setting, you can see Cabo,” she said. Both the Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico near Alarcón Rise have cities and luxury resorts. The Gulf of California is also home to endangered sea life. Rhyolite lava carries more gas and volatiles (things that are likely to cause explosions) than basalt, and when magma meets water, it vaporizes instantly, driving an even more explosive eruption. “There’s definitely explosive deposits there, and that is of extreme concern, given that the ridge is so close to land and the tsunami potential of a big explosion there,” Paduan said. “We don’t know how explosive, and that is something we are definitely trying to figure out.”

The camouflage fabric ‘that can make soldiers INVISIBLE’: Company claims it has Pentagon backing for miracle material (With Photos)

  • Quantum  Stealth camouflage bends the light around its wearer, its developer  claims
  • Company  behind it says it has demonstrated the technology to the U.S. and Canadian  military
  • Following  these ‘Need to Know’ access meetings development is now said to be ‘moving  forward’

The U.S. military is backing the development  of camouflage fabrics that could one day make their soldiers completely  invisible, it has been claimed.

The so-called ‘Quantum Stealth’ camouflage  material is said to render its wearers completely invisible by bending light  wavesaround them.

Its makers claim the material, which is in  effect similar to the invisibility cloak worn by Harry Potter, can even fool  night-vision goggles.

The future of camouflage: A mock up of the Quantum Stealth technology. These photos are to show the media the concept, its makers claim, adding that for security issues it can not show the technology in actionThe future of camouflage: A mock up of the Quantum  Stealth technology. These photos are to show the media the concept, its makers  claim, adding that for security issues it can not show the technology in  action 

However, its development is apparently so  secret the Canadian company behind it says it cannot even show the technology in  action and offers only mock ups of its effect on their website.

Nevertheless, Guy Cramer, CEO of Hyperstealth  Biotechnology Corp, says he does not care that some observers remain sceptical  as to his company’s claims since ‘the people that need to know that it works  have seen it’.

‘Two separate command groups within the U.S.  Military and two separate Canadian Military groups as well as Federal Emergency  Response Team (Counter Terrorism) have seen the actual material so they could  verify that I was not just manipulating video or photo results,’ Mr Cramer  said.
Top secret: The material is said to work by bending light waves around its wearer to render them invisibleTop secret: The material is said to work by bending  light waves around its wearer to render them invisible, but its maker will not  divulge details 

‘These groups now know that it works and does  so without cameras, batteries, lights or mirrors…It is lightweight and quite  inexpensive. Both the U.S. and Canadian military have confirmed that it also  works against military IR scopes and Thermal Optics.’

In a statement published on his company’s  website, Mr. Cramer explained he cannot disclose any details about how his  remarkable fabric bends light around its wearer. Instead he gives examples of  how it might be used.

He says it would be invaluable to pilots  forced to eject over enemy terrain and evade capture; it would allow special  forces teams to carry out raids in broad daylight without detection; it could  enable the creation of the next generation of stealth aircraft, invisible not  only to radar but also the naked eye; and it would enable submarines to remain  concealed even when they surface near an enemy fleet.

Most incredibly, he imagines a group of  Canadian battle tanks decked out with Quantum Stealth camouflage that could  engage an enemy unit with no signs of their location except the sound of their  engines and guns.

‘As news spreads of an invisible Canadian  army which can move without detection, the psychological effect on the enemy is  devastating, they never know when or even if this invisible army has them  targeted or surrounded,’ he said.

‘How can you hit a target you cannot see, how  do you defend from the invisible?’

Media attention: Guy Cramer, CEO of Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp, was recently interviewed by U.S. news broadcaster CNN about his claimed breakthroughMedia attention: Guy Cramer, CEO of Hyperstealth  Biotechnology Corp, was recently interviewed by U.S. news broadcaster CNN about  his claimed breakthrough 

Mr. Cramer, who was recently interviewed by  news broadcaster CNN about the new technology, says he has  disclosed his breakthrough to the public in order to ‘get the attention’ of the  U.S. military.

‘After enough press had been written on the  subject, the U.S. Military Command finally asked to see the real material to  verify that it worked,’ he said.

‘Those meetings took place with very limited  “Need to Know” access and the technology is now moving forward.’

The MailOnline has contacted the Ministry of  Defence for a comment on the new technology, but as yet has received no  response.

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