Peru rattled by 5.9 magnitude earthquake: the 8th tremor in a week

A Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake struck northeast of Lima, Peru today. The quake struck at a depth of 118 km (73 miles) and the epicenter was some 55 km (34 miles) SSW of Campoverde, Peru. There have been no initial reports of damage. Today’s quake is the latest in a series of quakes that have rattled Peru this week. A light earthquake shook Lima early on Monday morning, the latest in a series of mild earthquakes that have shaken the capital over the past few days. According to Peru’s Geophysical Institute (IGP) the quake measured 3.9 degrees on the Richter scale, and occurred at 3:08 am. The earthquake’s epicenter, the IGP said, was located 58 kilometers southeast of the capital, 50 kilometers underground. According to local radio RPP, Lima has experienced 7 earthquakes in the past 5 days.

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