Crowds At Campaign Rally Begin Shouting ‘Hail Obama’

The crowds at the rally began to chant “hail, Obama”, when Michelle Obama took the platform.

Hail obama In an exclusive interview with The Blaze, WOFL Fox 35 reporter Mike Synan said he is “100 percent positive” that the crowds were chanting “Hail Obama!” at the event. Further, he said there were at least three or four other local TV stations at the event that heard it as well.“We all started talking about it after my tweet started getting attention,” he told The Blaze. Everyone was “in agreement” about what was being chanted and many agreed it was “tacky.” People have questioned Synan’s claim, some because they are Obama supporters and others because there is no video that proves inconclusively that “Hail Obama!” was being shouted at the rally.Synan said the chant began before Michelle Obama took the stage and before the TV stations were plugged into the audio and the TV stations were unable to capture video.Responding to his critics, the 15-year veteran reporter said he would have reported it the same way if the crowds were chanting “Hail Romney.”“I am just a reporter,” Synan told The Blaze. “I just report on what happens.”However, in 15 years he said he was never heard a crowd say “hail” before anyone’s name, much less a politician. He said some of his colleagues at other local news outlets didn’t think it was as newsworthy as he did. “I don’t think anybody else thought it was a big deal like I did,” he said. “They generally say the same things at these rallies, so my ears are always up for something that’s different.” source – The Blaze


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