In Ocean City NJ Sandy Forces The Bay And Ocean To Meet Over Land

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The latest models have Sandy making landfall along the coast of South Jersey on Monday evening between 4 and 6 p.m.

In Ocean City, NJ, the bay and the ocean became one body of water as Hurricane Sandy pounded their shores relentlessly.

“This storm is HISTORIC,” said CBS 3 meteorologist Katie Fehlinger on her Twitter page.

CBS 3 meteorologists say this is the “worst case scenario” as it will make landfall very close to high tide and say the storm pressure is currently stronger than the Long Island Express Hurricane of 1938. Pressure as of 2:20 p.m. was down to 943mb and the storm was picking up speed and expected to make landfall near Atlantic City. Maximum winds were at 90 mph and it is moving north – northwest.

“It is accelerating and making the turn toward the coast,” said CBS 3 meteorologist Kathy Orr.

The National Hurricane Center issued a powerful warning stating, “Sandy expected to bring life-threatening story surge and coastal hurricane winds plus heavy Appalachian snows.”

“This is the worst-case scenario,” said Louis Uccellini, NOAA.

In New Jersey, the dunes have already been breached in Beach Haven and other shore towns. In Ocean City, New Jersey, officials say during this morning’s high tide, the Ocean met the bay.

Officials say, “We’ve never seen anything like it.” source – CBS Philly Local


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