DNR: More than 11,000 deer dead of EHD

deer(Oct 26, 2012) The number of Michigan Deer dead of a virus continues to rise. More than 11,000 deer that have been reported dead of epizootic hemorrhagic Disease, or EHD, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The disease causes extensive internal hemorrhages, according to the DNR. White-tailed deer usually develop symptoms seven days after exposure. Between eight and 36 hours after the start of symptoms like rapid pulse and breathing, fever and weakness, the deer lie down and die. EHD is spread by a gnat called the midge a species that multiplied well in this summer’s drought. It has been know to exist in Michigan for years, but this year’s outbreak is the worst in history. “It is way worse than any other outbreak. We have had a few that got over 1,000 or maybe over a thousand a few years back, but this is by far the worst we have seen it,” said DNR Wildlife Biologist John Niewoonder.


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