Follow The Money

There are three very popular clothing brands at the moment which are pushing all Illuminati and Masonic symbolism in a massive and obvious way. The names of these brands are OBEY, UNIF and Rocawear, which is owned by the Illuminati puppet Jay Z. Here I’ll show you a long list of images with designs of each brand, exposing the evil behind these companies.

I’d like to start with the brand I found last, which just by its name, one can figure out their purpose, to get you to “OBEY” the system of the Beast, obey a tyrannical Government, obey a senseless President, obey the Media telling you what to think and how to vote, obey the TV telling you what do and how to act, etc.

Here you have a shirt promoting chaos, which is exactly what the Illuminati wants in order to bring a 

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