Monster Energy Drinks

How this little quest started for me is as you may know I’m a paranormal Investigator. I use spiritual warfare on the front lines where Jesus is needed in these peoples lives and they don’t know where to turn. I had a case a few years back that was a really bad case. We had cameras being thrown, growling, rocks falling from the ceiling, orbs writing on glass, things moving, full body apparitions, and in one room any time you put a monster energy drink on the dresser it would crush the can, move it to the top drawers of the dresser.  Then  write a message on the mirror about how it likes for cans to be put in this certain spot. So me being me, I figured there had to be some other reason besides a spirit doing this. I started to do research on Monster Energy, It wouldn’t work  with any other type of can. So I did my research and found that one of the ingredients in monster energy, would react to temperature. when you  put in the fridge and pulled it out into room temperature it would some times make the can wrinkle. Wow that’s odd it still didn’t explain to me how it opened a drawer and jumped in and left a message on the glass. So I continued to do more research and I was shocked on what I found! Now before I tell/show you what I found. I want you to understand my thinking going in to this. I see monster logo every where cars, skate boards, hats, shirts, beanies, you see it every where but why?

Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alefbet

Values of Hebrew Letters

Still don’t Get it? Check this out!


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