A Tornado hit New York City Saturday

Image from Twitter/@JDHARTIL‎(Sept 8, 2012) A Tornado has hit New York City Saturday causing some damages, the National Weather Service says. The powerful twister, which originated at sea, disrupted power lines and uprooted several trees in a beachfront area of New York.Videos made by eyewitnesses showed a swirling air column moving towards the shore. Despite fears, the twister did not cause serious damage. Firefighters say the affected area appears to be small and no injuries have been reported so far.However, officials warned of more storms and possible tornadoes in other parts of the northeastern U.S. including New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.Tornadoes are very rare for this region. The destructive weather phenomenon is typical for Midwestern states.

Image from Twitter/@Zack12Rose

Image from Twitter/@cthoxie

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