16 dead, 10 missing as typhoon pounds South Korea

(Aug 29, 2012) 16 people were killed and 10 were missing after a strong typhoon pounded South Korea Tuesday, uprooting trees, sinking ships and cutting power to almost 200,000 homes. By early evening Typhoon Bolaven the strongest to hit the South for almost a decade had moved to North Korea, which is still struggling to recover from deadly floods earlier this summer. Hundreds of flights in the South were grounded, ferry services were suspended and schools in Seoul and several other areas were closed. Bolaven left a trail of death and damage in southwestern and south-central regions of the country, although it was little felt in central parts of Seoul. Off the southern island of Jeju, the storm drove two Chinese fishing ships aground early Tuesday, sparking a dramatic rescue operation.The transport ministry said all 87 sea ferry services had been halted. A total of 247 flights — 183 domestic and 64 international have been cancelled since Monday. The typhoon packing winds of 144 kilometres (90 miles) per hour at one time brought heavy rain and strong winds to southern and western areas. It toppled street lights and signs, shattered windows, uprooted trees and tore off shop signs. The National Emergency Management Agency said 197,751 homes in Jeju and the southwest and south-central regions lost power.


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