Get out now! 53,000 people ordered to evacuate Louisiana as ‘CATEGORY TWO hurricane’ Isaac prepares to strike Gulf Coast seven years to the day since Katrina devastated New Orleans

(Aug 27, 2012) Tens of thousands of Louisiana residents have been ordered to evacuate as Tropical Storm Isaac picks up strength in the Gulf of Mexico and it may strike seven years to the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated the same area.

 More than 50,000 residents of the St. Charles Parish in southeast Louisiana have been told to leave ahead of Isaac, which is churning in the Gulf.Governor Bobby Jindal suggested anyone in low-lying parts of the state’s coastal parishes leave their homes, while evacuations were also enforced in the lower areas of the Alabama coast, which is likely to be lashed by rain, wind and flooding.Isaac is expected to crescendo to a Category 2 hurricane before striking land along the Gulf Coast by Tuesday night or Wednesday – the anniversary of Katrina – according to the National Hurricane Center.

-Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana declare state of emergency as storm approaches

Category Two hurricane could land near New Orleans on Tuesday or Wednesday – the anniversary of Katrina

-Winds topping 100mph expected to hit Florida Keys

-Hundreds of flights cancelled across Florida

-Republican convention in Tampa postponed on Monday because of storm

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