Massive Typhoon Bolaven slams Okinawa, heads for Koreas

Typhoon Bolaven is expected to make landfall near Okinawa on Sunday.(Aug 26, 2012) A massive typhoon began to make landfall Sunday over Okinawa, bringing winds more ferocious than even the typhoon-weary Japanese island has seen in decades.It will likely be the strongest since 1956, said CNN International me

teorologist Tom Sater.With a cloud field of 2,000 kilometers (1,250 miles), Typhoon Bolaven is 20 times larger than Okinawa’s length.”It’s been very, very severe,” said storm chaser James Reynolds, on the northwestern coast of the island.Tree branches were flying through the air amid torrential rain, he said.The infrastructure on Okinawa is designed to withstand violent storms. “Everything’s made of solid concrete,” said Reynolds.Isaac near hurricane strength; watch extends to Louisiana”Utility poles are so wide you couldn’t even put your arms around them,” Reynolds said. “All the houses are built with concrete. There’s no such thing as a beach house in Okinawa because it would just get destroyed by a typhoon.”Still, the power was out where he was Sunday.On Sunday evening, Bolaven was carrying sustained winds of 213 kilometers (132 miles) per hour, with gusts reaching 259 kilomeers per hour (161 mph) — the highest since Typhoon Naha in 1956.Bolaven was traveling northwest at 15 kilometers per hour (9 mph).The storm is on course to hit China and the Korean peninsula.It’s “roughly the size of France to Poland in land mass,” said Sater.

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