Tel Aviv ready for 30-day war with Iran: Outgoing Israeli minister

The link below states that war is coming to the Middle East and it will be when Israel strikes Iran.  I believe that the Israeli’s are intentionally letting the cat out of the bag because they know, from their INTEL that they can disable Iran as this Defense Minister informs us.  I also believe that they have very few other options and thus, they are laying their cards on the table for all to see.

Syria, Iran’s ally is quagmired in a civil war and while HAMAS and Hezbollah talk a big game they know that they are no match for the Israeli’s.

Here’s something to think about.  Mahmoud I’m-in-a-jihad, has stated recently – I posted about it here – that Israel would be wiped off the map.  I believe that the statements posted in the link above make it very clear to the Iranians that the Israeli’s will not tolerate this kind of bluster.

The claim, first published by Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonot on Sunday, was made after Vilnai was appointed as the regime’s ambassador to China.

Vilnai also said that ‘during the conflict with Iran, the Tel Aviv regime would suffer only 500 fatalities.’

The former Israeli minister also claimed that there are no worries and that the “home front” has never been so well-prepared.

Iranian authorities have dismissed the repeated Israeli threats of military action against the Islamic Republic, warning that in case Israel makes the mistake of launching such an attack, it will spell the end of the Israeli regime.

A number of senior Iranian military commanders have also emphasized that in case of any attack on Iran, the conflict is certain to expand well beyond the region.


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