The tragic shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, which is now being treated as an act of domestic terrorism by the federal government, is set to be blamed on a US Army veteran, fitting perfectly the narrative pushed by the Department of Homeland Security that veterans are a terror threat on a par with Islamic extremists.

“The gunman who shot six people to death and wounded three others during a rampage at a Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb was an Army veteran who may have been a white supremacist, according to a law enforcement source involved in the investigation,” reports CNN.

The man was also described as having a “9/11″ tattoo on one arm, indicating to temple member Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka “that there’s some level of hate crime there.”

Of course, Sikhs adhere to a completely different religion than Muslims but that hasn’t stopped them falling victim to a number of racially charged attacks since September 11, 2011.

Despite the fact that a number of different eyewitnesses reported multiple shooters, the narrative of the lone gunman, a disgruntled US Army veteran, has now been fixed. This conveniently dovetails with recent efforts by the feds to demonize returning veterans as potential terrorists, which itself is part of the wider move to smear conservatives as domestic extremists.

Temple Shooting “4 Shooters”

“Very well coordinated, Wasn’t haphazard, Releasing of Gas” – Sikh Temple Shooting witness

Cnn: 3 Shooters

CBS News: Shooter Identified As Former US Military Member

CBS News reports that Page enlisted in the Army in April 1992 and was given a less-than-honorable discharge in October 1998. He was last stationed in Fort Bragg, N.C., serving in the psychological operations unit.

The first video link above shows a witness claiming that there were four shooters at the Sihk Temple.  He is calm and reports that four white men dressed in black came into the building.   Why is his statement overlooked by the media who is claiming that there was only one shooter, who is right and who is wrong? Like the Batman shooting where the witnesses in the theater said there were two shooters, there is a discrepancy so which is it? The most revealing information to come from this most recent shooting so far is that one of the shooters, the one who was shot dead at the scene was X military and served in the Psychological Operations Unit!  What did he do there? The Batman Shooter, James Holmes, was asking what he was doing in jail and from the pictures that were released, it would appear that Holmes was on some very heavy drugs, or perhaps switched to an alter personality before the shooting.  We know that Holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist. Jared Loughner, James Holems and now this latest shooter, Wade Michael Page, may all have common ground in that they may be involved in some kind of military mind control, super soldier, program. With this recent shooting are we looking at the classic dialectic?  The conflict being the shooting.  The counter conflict, is the cry for gun control.  The synthesis, every gun in America is then registered or worse taken away, under the pretext of a safer country.

The Sikh Shooting: DoJ and FBI Warned of Planned Terror Attack in April

Sikh Shooter a Former Psyop Soldier Linked to FBI’s National Alliance

was the Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect Also Dosed up on Legal Drugs?

Sikh Shooting Ties Into DHS ‘Veterans as Terrorists’ Narrative

These are The Days of Turmoil and it seems like every week there is another senseless event that shocks us.  Check out the In Other News Section and see the turmoil happening around the globe.  Something has shifted and I believe that shift is a supernatural one.  The enemy grows bold and he is softening the objective.  Are people being triggered?  Was there only one shooter or four like the witness claims.   If there were four shooters, then we have a conspiracy.  Was it a lone gunman or four, which is it?


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