Underneath the surface of all of the razzmatazz, the ‘sound and lights’ of the Olympic opening Ceremony in London, I wondered when Saturn would show up. (see pics)
The whole event was a well crafted colour full ritual ‘powered’ by those that had no idea what they were watching and focusing energy on. 
Being quite dark in parts, and meant to be so, we were taken

 from the ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ of Blake’s period to the harsh conditions of the Industrial revolution which was so “dire” for those that lived through it, you’s be lucky to live beyond 30. The same period in History was spent furnishing the ‘Imperial desires’ of the elite and Brunel (acted out by kenneth branagh) helped it along, bless him.

It was clearly evoking ‘Saturn (Kronos), not least though the forging of the Rings of fire, the Satanic mills, child labour, (Debtors prisons anyone) and the total poverty of the masses. Something to celebrate all that!

The workers coming up from the ‘underworld’ too symbolic of the darkness coming to the surface. Even the chimneys had the Saturn Sigil (Masonic) emblem on them? Oh Danny Boy?

The use of the NHS and the 100’s of kids (in hospital beds) while bringing on Voldermort (JK Rowling’s Harry Potter) to ‘disturb’ and wreck havoc and fear (symbolically) amongst the nurses and children, was so bloody obvious to those that can ‘see’. So was the large ‘dead baby’ and of course the ‘Child Catcher’ from the Chitty Bang Bang movie. Only to be saved by Mary Poppins, the sky walking, “drug dispensing” Queen of the ‘night nurse’ of Occult circles… I nearly fell of the sofa.

Out of all of the characters of the HP books, its Voldermort that comes on… Oh what a surprise that was (eyes roll back). Not to mention his little green eyed dark helpers.

The use of the Cube (house) in the middle of the ring encircled by the ‘onlookers’ focusing on time (Kronos), History passing through the decades, wasn’t two steps away from the Kabba cube, its hilarious.

At a few times the arial photographs looked like an eye (sometimes a face) and the use of fire throughout, despite the major lighting at the end, is all Moloch symbolism and Kali/Hecate based ritual…

Its amazing what people will do for Athena the Goddess of ‘Just Wars’
By far the darkest part of the “ceremony” was the NHS scene, involving what appeared to be a mock child sacrifice to a giant hooded entity. This clearly had echoes of the cremation of care ritual at Bohemian Grove, in which an effigy of a child is sacrificed to Molech – a giant 40ft stone owl. The other children in the hospital beds were then pursued by smaller dark entities. Creepy and disturbing

. The “ceremony” culminated with the Olympic cauldron rising into the air and transforming into a giant flaming eye – very much like the eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings Films.

The 2012 opening ceremony was an occult ritual thinly disguised as a major sporting event. When the 23 ton bell was struck, the ruling bloodlines officially declared the beginning of their esoteric New World Order.

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