The ice shelf is melting in Greenland in record time, while the US is experiencing a record drought which may affect global food prices.

The London Olympics seem to have deep occult connections, especially in regard to the opening ceremony, as Gordy posted yesterday in out comment section.
Syria continues to chew its own arm off as the civil war continues.  What will happen to Syria’s chemical weapons if the “rebels” take over?
Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz, while the US sends more warships into the region.
Egypt’s government – read Moslem Brotherhood – is deciding how much Sharia law they will implement, this is what I declared would happen a year ago, right here on this BLOG.
India is beginning to show signs of ethnic violence – read Christian and Hindu against Muslim here.
Iraq has had yet another series of suicide bombings that have left scores dead, so much for our investment there.
The Afghan war continues day after day with no let-up in sight, as the body count climbs and the those who are the puppet masters profit from the trillion-dollar yearly opium sale.
There is talk of a fake alien invasion at the Olympics.
The 9th of Av, historically a day of calamity for the Jewish people, is only a few days away.
Earthquakes, volcanic activity, animal and marine die-offs and bizarre weather continue.   How about the recent Haboob in Phoenix?
The Batman Shooter was reported to have an answering machine that had “guttural voices” on it.  There is also speculation that there were more involved in the shooting.  Was/is the shooter an  MK Ultra,  Super Soldier?
The global economy is teetering and the European nations are in for the fight of their lives as there is talk now of a global depression.
If there is no supernatural, no God or fallen angels, no cosmic war between the two, then we can all go back to sleep, as it is the same as it ever was.   Nothing out of the ordinary here, so put another pot roast in the oven and sit back and watch reruns of American Idol.
However, if there is a supernatural and a cosmic war that is raging in the heavens then perhaps are we are looking at these fallen ones, manifesting already?  The book of Job tells that The Fallen One whispered into the ears of men and caused them to attack and kill Job’s assets.  He called fire down from heaven and created a great wind that destroyed Job’s sons and daughters.  He struck Job with sickness.  I believe the Fallen One is softening the objective,  as fear is his calling card.  He’s getting ready for his end game, when his minions will reveal themselves as our creators.  The time is now…

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