Days of Turmoil: James holmes Batman shooting

As you ponder the sad, horrible events surrounding the massacre at the Batman movie, do you wonder how a person might have moved into what appears to be psychosis?

[[Some folks see evidence that
this whole thing was staged by the PTW.- A fast and furious way to accelerate gun control discussions. THIS SITE here show pics and discusses such issues as -more than one person involved? and how there are bloody footprints passing his car outside the theatre, the armoured clothes shed at a street side, while he was found sitting in the car. There is more than enough to inspire those who are not buying the official news stories. Was he drugged? Hypnotised? Set Up? Mind Kontrolled? Demon possessed?]
Today, he asked a jail worker if he knew how the movie ended. Story HERE –“…“Did you see the movie?” a creepy-sounding Holmes asked a stunned jail worker during a bizarre exchange Tuesday. “How does it end?” Holmes, his eyes glazed and his voice flat, repeated the question when the worker ignored him, according to another jail employee who witnessed the incident in the infirmary.

Holmes, a 24-year-old ex-honor student, “was trying to look like he was sincerely curious,” the witness recounted to the Daily News. “Like he had no idea why there was anything wrong with what he was saying. It was sick … ” Read more:http://

will look a bit at the idea that this intelligent guy [supposedly who’s a descendant of one who arrived in America on the Mayflower] –who started a PhD program last fall as a top-notch prospect–flunked a test June 7th and decompensated into violent, psychotic behavior within a couple months.




In Closing todays post:  I believe that we are living in The Days of Chaos.  The weather is weird and the drought here in the USA will affect the food prices, something I’ve been harping on for over year now.  Several weeks ago 4,200 temperature records were smashed due to extreme heat.  Fish and animal die offs continue.  Volcanic activity, earthquakes and pestilence are increasing.  The Middle East is ready to blow and the war in Afghanistan continues.  I believe that there is a supernatural component to what we are seeing.  There is a dark Luciferic agenda, as the Mystery of Iniquity continues to work behind the scenes.  While we play at church, the enemy grows bold.  Now is the time to gird up the loins of our minds and pray.  We must be diligent and wary as the enemy, that age-old serpent knows his time is coming.   However, the Rider on the White Horse is coming too, and when He does this unmitigated evil will be put down, destroyed by the breath of His coming.
Be still and know that I Am God.  Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.

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